Office Procedures

Our Philosophy

To provide Excellent, Comprehensive Dental Care in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Mutual Goals

It is only through mutual understanding and communication that the most effective and long lasting treatment can be administered. We are here to serve you in a comfortable and professional atmosphere.

Health History

All patients or parents of minor patients will be asked to complete a health record form which needs to be updated every six months.


Emergency problems are cared for first, then we can plan for any corrective work your mouth may need. A thorough exam, a medical history, X-rays and sometimes plaster models of your mouth are essential for proper diagnosis. Only then, we will begin a mutually acceptable restoration program. We will also show you how to effectively clean your mouth and prevent diseases. Our goal is to help you maintain your oral health for long lasting benefits.


To ensure that the best treatment is provided, it is sometimes necessary to send you to a specialist for certain procedures. We can assist in referring a specialist that you are comfortable with and accepts your particular dental insurance.


We are available for any dental emergencies, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our emergency contact number can be obtained by calling (408) 245-7878.


If you have insurance coverage, we ask that you submit your signed insurance form, with benefits assigned to us, on your first visit. Please be sure that your portion is properly and completely filled out. When your treatment is complete, we will be pleased to process and submit your form to the insurance company as a courtesy to you. It is insured's responsibility to ensure that insurance company makes the payment in a timely manner. Any payment not made by the insurance company is insured's responsibility and is due when a statement is sent to the address on record.


In order for us to keep our costs and your fees down, we ask you to pay for your dental work during your treatment in the office. If you have insurance coverage, we ask that you be responsible for your co-payments by completion of your treatment. We can also help make financial arrangements, in case you do not have insurance coverage. Please ask us for further details.


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