Appointment Policies

The following appointment policies are devised to provide the consistent excellent quality dental care for all patients. To provide the excellent dental experience

  • Patients are seen by appointments only.

  • Each dental treatment (and a patient) is given a dedicated appointment.

  • Each dental dedicated appointment is reserved based on

    • Time required for the particular dental treatment,

    • Availability of all required resources for that dental treatment, and

    • Doctor's Appointment Schedule.

  • Before each patient appointment, my front office staff performs a lot of preparatory work prior to the courtesy reminder (generally a day before).

Appointment Policies

In order to reduce waiting time for all patients, to keep your fees down and to keep our costs down by efficiently utilizing our resources, my office has established the following appointment policies:

  • Please arrive on or before your appointment time so you can be seen on your scheduled time.

  • Dental treatment is rendered to patients in the order of their appointments and not in the order of their arrivals.

  • Any patient arriving fifteen minutes or later than his/her scheduled appointment would be considered as "No Show" for the appointment and will be charged a broken appointment fee. (If time permitting, we might be able to render the dental treatment to the patient arriving late for their appointment. However, the preference would be given to the next patient if he or she arrives on their scheduled appointment time.)

  • There might be a small wait for patients with emergency appointments because these appointments are scheduled in between the patients with already scheduled appointments.

Courtesy Appointment Reminder and Confirmation Policies

  • All patients are required to confirm appointments at least one day before their scheduled appointments.

  • Our front office staff will provide a courtesy reminder to all patients at least one day before their schedule appointments. If left message, it is  important to call our office at (408) 245-7878 to confirm the appointment.

  • We reserve the right to cancel any appointment not confirmed by 12:00 noon before the scheduled appointment day and charge the broken appointment fee.

Broken Appointment Fee Policies

  • Broken appointment fee is charged to patients who do not cancel or reschedule their appointments prior to the courtesy reminder. (If you call our office after the courtesy reminder then all preparatory work for appointment is already performed and our front office staffs' efforts get wasted. In these situations, we will charge the broken appointment fee to the patient.)

  • If you can not make the appointment, please call our office at your earliest  to avoid broken appointment fee charges. (Please do not use the courtesy reminder as a method to track your appointment with our office.)

  • Broken appointment fee will be charged to all patients who confirm their appointment before their scheduled appointment and then call a few minutes before their appointments to cancel or are "No Show" for their appointments.


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